Table of Contents

@Brian Masaru Hayashi@@@@@@1

Panel 1: Japanese American Studies in the Rearview Mirror

1. Universalism and Particularism in Asian American Studies: Towards a Historiography
Lon Kurashige@@@@@@@@@@21
2. Cultural Particularlism ?vs. Oppressorsf Universalism?: Comments on Kurashigefs Paper
Yasuko Takezawa@@@@@@@@37

Panel 2: Migrating to and from Japan

3. Writing Between Two Nations: Okina Kyu(^)in `s Sokoku ni Kaeru Ki or A Record on Returning Home
Kristina Vassil@@@@@@@@@ 45
4. Once and Again: Japanese Americans Return to Japan Preliminary Findings
Art Nomura@@@@@@@@@@@53
5. Crossing National Boundaries and the Color Line: A Contrastive Study of Houstonfs Tea with Ariyoshifs Hishoku
Kyoto Nozaki@@@@@@@@@57

Panel 3: Conceptualizing eRacef and eCommunityf in the United States

6. Placing the Japanese Immigrant Community in the Time-Space of Early Twentieth-Century American West: The Nexus between the Japanese Association and the Local Economy
Hiroshi Yoneyama@@@@@@@@.
ĎR@T @@@@@@@@@@@ 67
7. Ethno-racial Formation of Japanese Immigrant Community in Los Angeles: A Sociological Perspective@
Fuminori Minamikawa@@@@@79
Ryo Yoshida@@@@@@@@@@@ .